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Artisanal Cheeses

made by hand with traditional craftsmanship.

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Fresh Goodness

from the field to your kitchen.

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Why Shop at Swiss Villa?

Swiss Villa is here to provide a link from the farmer to the consumer. With the customer in mind, we offer sustainably farmed organic groceries that are great for a clean eating diet. Local small farms work daily at providing products that are grown and raised without chemicals and antibiotics. As we understand the benefits of grass fed products as well as GMO Free and Soy Free, we are offering a wide range of local raw fresh organic farm products for you. Our store offers an online grocery ordering experience we hope you will enjoy.local raw fresh organic farm products

Whether you are looking for A2A2 protein in your dairy or looking to stay away from cow milk and go with the alternative options of goat and sheep milk products, we have them available here on our website for your convenience. Maybe you are looking to start a new diet such as the KETO diet, Soy Free diet, dairy free diet, or maybe you are looking to provide a clean healthy diet for your family, Swiss Villa is a great place to start.

Fresh Raw Local

Whether it’s the milk, butters, or fermented vegetables, we understand that it is important to you to keep them locally sourced as well as fresh as we can. Finding the clean ingredients foods can be hard at times. We are here to help fill that spot.

How Will My Product Arrive?

We are concerned about the quality of your product arriving in a safe condition as much as what you are! We package each box of refrigerated goods with insulation and enough ice to last the length of the shipping distance. There may be times that a packages gets lost in transit for a few days, if there is an issue with the product we will make sure to make it right. So you can rest assured that we are here to help.

Keep in mind that the product is being shipped with ice packs and not with a refrigerator that is blowing cold air. There are times that the product is still cold even when opening the box you don’t feel a wave of cold air. Thanks you for choosing Swiss Villa to provide your family with products that are produced with high standards.


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