chickensGreetings! We are excited to share with you about our involvement in our food hub activities in Pennsylvania, extending to a few surrounding cities and communities beyond.

In 2004, a herd of Brown Swiss cows in Dauphin County, Pa, near the town of Gratz, were being milked for the sale of their raw milk. The farm setting gave a complimentary feel to the Swiss herd, as the farmer himself was also of Swiss descendant. Thus the Swiss Villa name held a cherished title for his venture of marketing goods from his small farm to health food stores in his home state. A few cheeses, meats, spelt bakery items and other products accompanied the raw milk sales and included more friends and neighbors opportunity to market goods of their entrepreneur endeavors.goats

By 2011, some changes were coming to Swiss Villa. The varied additions to the item listing along with changes that time brings, Swiss Villa was becoming a heavy load for the farm family to maintain. Farm chores alone can keep a family busy, much less adding on marketing, collecting orders, pulling goods together to be sent out and then managing numerous delivery routes.

And so it came to be that Swiss Villa moved more into a food hub, offering goods from the villa of quite a number of Swiss descendant farmers.

sheepYou see, in earlier years in the old country, most of the Amish and Mennonite forefathers were just simple peasant farmers who worked the land and involved themselves in animal husbandry to provide for the needs of their families and to bless the communities around them. They strongly believed “The earth is the Lord’s” and we as mankind, are just stewards of the blessings He has entrusted to us.

The name Swiss Villa today holds more of a connection to European ties than just a breed of cattle; a culture of a village, working together for the good of others with the blessing entrusted to us. It is our desire to provide a market for our plain community along with providing goods with high quality characteristics, both in healthful nutrition and taste.

Today we as the Lehman family are thankful to God for the opportunity to serve our community in this manner. We also owe many thanks to many others who have assisted us in picking up this project. And without our faithful customers, consumers and producers, we certainly could have accomplished nothing.hogs

We want to humbly continue in our service to all and be diligent in providing excellent service. We feel it is valuable for us to provide information about these goods we offer, not only what we have but as to how it is produced and the reason consumers are choosing these goods. We want to present all information as accurately as possible and we hope you understand that we cannot promise any health benefits or cures to any ills by the consumption of these goods. We simply share as what we understand from facts reported from studies as well as benefits and concerns expressed due to these studies.

cowsWe hope that our website will be educational and a blessing to all who view information here. May all we do and say be for the glory of our Creator and Sustainer, Who hath blessed us so richly so that we can share with one another.


The Lehmans