Homemade Bakery Products Shipped To Your Door

Breads and Desserts

Not all bakery is created equal. Swiss Villa is focused on providing your family with a line of home baked goods that you can feel good about feeding to your family. Made just like the homemade breads that you like to make with out the prep time. The desserts are also made with care to insure they are just a delicious as you dreamed of them. Grass fed A2A2 dairy products along with soy free pastured eggs are a most as we keep our standards high. Knowing organic doesn’t mean what it used to, we still source as much of our ingredients as we can organic but better yet we produce some of them ourselves. This is the kind of bakery any concerned shopper is looking for.

About Swiss Villa Bakery Products

Swiss Villa home baked goods are freshly baked for you in the heartland of Lancaster County. Spelt flour is ground from an ancient grain that is a primitive relative to modern wheat. Spelt has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor making it a great flour for most recipes. Therefore we use spelt flour as the go to flour. As a result we are sure you are going to enjoy the delicious flavors of the freshly baked homemade baked goods.