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Swiss Villa has a few great options for healthy drinks. Looking for low sugars?


Swiss Villa kombucha is brewed on a small family farm in Pennsylvania. Raw kombucha is a better choice of drink than a Coke or Pepsi product went you are considering the amount of sugars in a drink. The natural fermenting of the rich black tea uses the sugars as an aid in the ferment thus reduces the amount of sugar you consume when drinking kombucha. Kombucha is source of probiotics, it contains antioxidants, can kill bacteria, and may help to manage type 2 diabetes so order yours today! We offer a wide variety of flavors ranging from berry flavors to the blog flavors of turmeric and ginger.

Rooibos Tea

Swiss Villa rooibos tea is not sweetened with sugars. Monk fruit which is a used as a sugar substitute sweetens our tea. This tea is perfect for you if you are concerned about the amount of sugar intake. The antioxidants in rooibos tea can help with inflammation.

Kefir & Yogurts

Swiss Villa yogurts and kefir come from A2A2 protein cows. We use organic ingredients such a the fruits and flavors. They are not sweetened with any sugar, only organic honey!  They are happily grazing on green pastures.

About Swiss Villa Beverages

Swiss Villa beverages, along with all the other products we cary, are produced on the basis of sustainability. We recognize that you as a customer are concerned that the producers are being paid a fair price for their hard earned work and product they produce.