Did You use organic butter or goat butter this morning?

Supposing you where one of the many people that spread butter on your toast this morning. Did you stop and think about what was in that butter and where did it come from?  Was the butter your customer used made with certified Organic Cream from a small farm in central Pennsylvania?

As a Store owner you know about customer satisfaction, but isn’t there more to having a store then customer satisfaction? At Swiss Villa we look at supplying you with products as more then that. Its responsibility and a privilege, and we assume you feel the same about stocking your shelves. It’s about more than products, its having something that keeps our customers, healthy and happy. Customers are another word for friends. Those sentiments are why we make a big deal about a small thing like the butter on your toast.  The butter from Oasis Creamery is made from 100% Grass Fed Cow milk. You can put salted or unsalted options in your cooler.

Have you tasted goat butter?

Butter for the dairy free customer? Yes! We are happy to supply you with Vat pasteurized goat butter. From a farm in the hills of Pennsylvania this is a 100% grass fed herd of goats. We use Celtic sea salt in our Swiss Villa branded butter.

Do you have organic butter and goat butter in your cooler?

Contact Swiss Villa with any questions you have about organic butter and goat butter. Use our Contact us page or give us a call. We offer butter by the case. We look forward to the privilege of helping you serve others.