The Benefits of Raw Camel Milk

Now just what will this milk do for me and  my family? With so much on lactose intolerance and alternative milks (which falsely carry the label of milk), should I consider camel milk benefits? If I need baby formula, should I make my own using camel milk, as recommend by Pete Evans? Some folks believe this unique milk provides help in problematic autism symptoms. Will camels’ milk replace the need for the ASD drugs? And really, where can I research any of these claims of the superiority of camels milk? CNN calls it a “cure . . . world’s next superfood”.

Camel Milk is Different

Most of the different animal milks we consume have relative similar compositions. Cow milk holds the standard by which we consider other milks. Sheep milk is sweeter and much more nutrient dense, and great for the lactose intolerance so prevalent. Goat milk has less of many of the nutrients but possesses healing properties along with being easy to digest. Water buffalo milk comes with double the fats found in cow milk. Some, such as goat milk are quite different than cow milk and yet none present the diversity of the camel milk!

Camel milk contains different kinds of protein. In fact, it has over 200 different proteins. These proteins might have a positive affect on ASD symptoms! A report from a study of this unusual milk says “The main protein in whey of camel colostrum is CSA while that of whey of bovine colostrum is b-lg.” So what does this all mean? I encourage you to follow these links to uncover studies and evaluate for yourself the testimonies of the stories available by folks who have tried camel milk.

Camel Milk for Medicinal Purposes?

For centuries, nomadic cultures valued camel milk as curative. Today claims of “apparent positive responses in patients with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and colitis” abound. Each person must make his own choice as to what methods he wishes to pursue for help with health issues, whether it be for ASD or diabetes, or even the common cold and flu.

And besides that, some studies would point to evidence that drinking camel milk could help to fight cancer. And others suggest quite an array of health benefits. But some of these claims may need more thorough studies before due credibility can be given, according to Dr. Axe.

Camel Milk and Autism

Camel milk is high in GABA, a calming amino acid. Interestingly, goat milk offers a good amount of this as well. This fact adds to other facts from studies that it may bring relief to autistic patients.

GABA, an amino acid, gives our bodies needed nutrients for brain function and the central nervous system. In fact, “GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter within the Central Nervous System”.

Here may be a connection for camel milk and ASD. And again, if you wish to consume more GABA, look to goat milk or camel’s milk. The Thinking Moms’ Revolution explains some on this amino acid as a help for anxiety.

Some Autism parents report seeing positive results in just a few days after beginning with camels’ milk. We encourage you as parents to do the best you can for your child, even considering starting to make your own baby formula.  And we know you want to give them what is best for them. And so, research this all carefully yourself.

Swiss Villa offers milk from camels. But we make no certain claims as to its benefits, whether for autistic children or any other person facing any health issue. And while health food advocates believe camels milk boosts the immunity, we do not disagree in the likelihood of such. But we cannot promise anyone any cure from camel milk.

Some research has shown that physiological, as well as behavioral symptoms can improve with a healthier digestive system. The consumption of raw camels milk is believed to promote better gastronomical health. Perhaps this could be a factor in dealing with Autism?

Camel Milk — Nutrient-Dense

Camel milk brings us a rich-in-antioxidants food. And it contains more Vitamin B and more iron (10 times more than cow milk). Besides it offers a source of an abundance of copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium and sodium. Nutrient-dense, antioxidant food costs more up front to buy but provides a healthful platform for life!

Camel Milk for Babies

And so with such a nutrient dense food, why not consider making your own baby formula at home. Yes, and keep in mind lactose intolerance patients can often use camel milk, thus creating another reason to use it in your baby formula. And then, perhaps camel milk in baby formula would decrease the likelihood of ASD in some children.

Or a recipe to make homemade baby formula with camel milk might pay off if you infant were to benefit from the camels’ milk as some suggest babies do. You may purchase raw camel milk and pasteurize it yourself. It is very simple. Simply slowly bring it to 145 degrees and hold it for 31 minutes at this temperature. This would meet the requirements of pasteurization.

Camel Milk for Diabetes?

And furthermore, some folks believe the insulin found in camels milk will be helpful for diabetic patents. Again, it may be that some folks feel they have gotten help while others declare no benefits. Future studies may shed clearer evidence for or against these claims.

Some of the facts are clear. Besides having a supply of insulin, camels present to us less sugar in their milk. This also may benefit those with lactose intolerance.

Coveted Cholesterol Levels

Along with positive lactose intolerance benefits and insulin, there is the cholesterol balancing facts. The cholesterol in the milk can stabilize our heathy cholesterol levels. One study reports:  “Camel’s milk seems to be very different from other mammalian milks consumed by humans in terms of unsaturated fatty acid composition and in its low content of short-chain fatty acids”. Less sugar.

Buy Local Camel Milk

You can watch a short video of camels at a camel dairy in the Middle East. But don’t forget Swiss Villa offers local camel milk from a small farm in Lancaster PA. The farm only owns a few camels. They enjoy the rich summer grass-lands of Lancaster County. Produced without GMO feeds and on chemical free farm, a great option for organic home made baby formula. Thanks for supporting small farms! Even this exciting new milk offering!