Buy Your Eggs And Have Them Shipped Right To Your Door

Free range, certified organic eggs from Swiss Villa

“It may be the cock that crows, but it’s the hen that lays the eggs” -Margret Thatcher

Can we do a little crowing about the eggs Swiss Villa can deliver to your home? Are Free range, certified organic eggs something to crow about? We think so! We invite you to check out our selection of eggs. Pastured Eggs, Organic Eggs, Cage Free Eggs, Soy Free Eggs, and even Duck Eggs make up our offering for you.

Free range, certified organic eggs for your table

Swiss Villa recommends that you consider supporting goods from small, sustainable family farms and businesses. We are pleased to work closely with Alderfer’s Poultry Farm since they work with this type of small, sustainable family farms. They do not contract with any farms using the aviary style houses, but rather have chosen to stick with the smaller, traditional style housing. We encourage you to read and be knowledgeable of all the benefits that choosing better eggs can have for you.