Grass fed and antibiotic free meat

As you watch another family in your store lingering at your meat counter you can see selecting meat is a big deal. They need meat for many occasions, family dinner night calls for meat, the neighborhood picnic calls for meat, and the grill on the deck needs to sizzle Saturday night. For the family in front of you, not any meat will do, and that’s why they choose your store to make this important choice. Can you walk over and help your concerned consumer make the right choice for their family and their event. If you have chosen to partner with Swiss Villa and your meat counter boast a selection of grass fed and antibiotic free meat this is your moment to shine.

About Swiss Villa grass fed and antibiotic free meet

To give you a tour through the meat selection we need to first ask where does it come from? Like most Swiss Villa products, our meats all come from very local sources. Almost all of our meat is “small farmed” meaning it comes from small family operations. It does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is the kind of meat we serve our own families. Swiss Villa branded beef is not only grass fed, but is also grass finished. This beef is truly 100% grass fed. Our pork is special because it is pasture raised. It is easy to see why this is a superior product for your meat counter when compared to pork raised in a building with hundreds of animals in a tight space. From Locust Point Farms we have a large selection of chicken and turkey products. Our chicken and turkey meat is all raised without antibiotics and is hormone free. Click here to look at our selection of chicken products. By partnering with Swiss Villa we can help you put the kind of meat in your customer’s hands that will bring them back week after week to make that dinner or cookout the healthy highlight of their day. Go to our contact us page if you have any questions or if you want to get in touch with us. We want to make your “moment to shine” happen today.