Not all dairy is the same.

Some has been raised with chemicals and antibiotics, Here at Swiss Villa our farmers do not farm with either. On top of chemical free and antibiotic free we take more of a traditional approach. Grass Fed and and GMO free are of great importance to us because we kn0w you care.

Raw Milk

We are not able to ship raw milk out of PA due to state regulations. Thanks for understanding. The great news is we can ship raw milk cheeses out of state!

A2A2 Raw Cow Milk

A2A2 proteins are easier for our bodies to digest. Check out the options of milk butter and raw milk cheese, they are all from A2A2 cows.

GMO Free Goat Milk

The goats enjoy a soy free GMO free diet. They are free to roam the beautiful pastures that are not treated with chemical.


Soy Free Raw Sheep Milk

Sheep milk is easier for the human body to digest than either cow or goat milk.

Camel Milk

Swiss Villa camel milk is GMO free soy free corn free as well as wheat free. Do your research as to why camel milk may be the best choice of milk for you.


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