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8 oz Cheddar Sheep Cheese


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  • Raw Milk
  • Grass Fed Sheep
  • Organically Farmed
  • Aged 60 Days
  • Swiss Villa

10 in stock


Raw Sheep Milk Cheddar Cheese

Sheep milk health benefits persuade some people with lactose intolerance to give it a whirl! Our sheep cheddar presents a nice mild, sliceable cheese. Similarly crafted as our raw goat milk cheese and raw cow milk cheese, you will find this mildly nutty tasting cheddar a pleasure for topping your next grassland beef burger. Or simply make a grilled cheese sandwich!

A great keto snack! Blue Zone diets allow sheep milk cheese. Weight loss programs with high fat diets can benefit from raw sheep cheddar.

Superfood Nutrient-dense Sheep Cheese

Pennsylvania farmstead raw sheep milk cheese, holds an abundance of selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin and more. Additionally sheep cheese provides all 10 of the essential amino acids.

Raw — Enzymes for Better Digestion

Pasteurization kills valuable enzymes that aid digestion. Improve gut health by choosing unprocessed foods. Lactose intolerance does not need to hold you captive. Try raw milk cheese. However, first of all study the benefits of raw milk. And while youÕre at it, discover the super benefits of sheep milk.

A2 Milk Protein

Sheep milk has A2 milk proteins. Studies indicate this may alleviate our pandemic of diabetes, autism, IBS and leaky gut maladies. However we cannot promise you any of this. So research it for yourself. Then we will serve you quality food as we find it from our local organic based food supply.

Local Food, Small Family Farms

Your local farmer market may not have sheep milk cheese from a local family farm. You may not be able to travel to Switzerland and climb to the hillside cheese shop or enter a cheese grotto. But you can simply order a block of mild cheddar sheep milk made in a Lancaster County family farm fromage farmstead cheese house. Consider our other artisan sheep cheese as well for your online grocery shopping. We offer FedEx delivery for you cheese grocery delivery from Swiss Villa.

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