Buy Great Tasting Cheese And Have It Shipped Right To Your Door

100% grass fed raw milk cheeses

Do you love cheese? We are very excited to present you our offering of 100% grass fed raw milk, organic cheeses. We can help you put the best of cheese on your table. The growing concern about the processes used in mainstream cheese making creates a growing demand for better choices in the cheese market.

100% grass fed raw milk cow cheeses

Swiss Villa is here for you. Our cow cheeses are made from 100% grass fed animals. We only produce organic cheese. All of our cheese is made with raw milk. Take a look at this blog post to learn why these things are so important. We did not stop with one flavor of organically farmed cheese. We offer over 25 flavors of cheese! All 100% grass fed cows! All made with raw milk! Flavors from Dill Weed and Onion Cheddar and Garlic & Chives to Sharp Cheddar.  We believe you  will enjoy every bite!

Grass fed raw milk goat cheeses

You can enjoy a varied selection of quality goat cheeses with our offering of more than twenty flavors of organically farmed got cheese! From Swiss Villa it is all from grass fed herds. Our organic goat cheeses are GMO free and Soy free. This goat cheese stands out and stands proud on your table! This is your store!

Grass fed raw milk sheep cheeses

Take all the benefits from grass fed raw milk sheep and serve it in a tasty piece of cheese. It is exciting to see the number of young farmers learning the art of making raw milk and artisanal cheeses. As practice makes perfect, there is more and higher quality cheeses available for those who really enjoy and care about their food.