Wild Alaskan Salmon Fish

Wild caught salmon presents a food full of flavor! And many folks have focused on the health benefits. Yet others look at the need for sustainability in harvesting salmon. Does it matter where you source your salmon from? Why does functional medicine recommend salmon for health benefits? And besides that, how do I find a great grilled salmon recipe? Let’s look at some salmon recipes and some facts about salmon nutrition. Wild For Salmon is now available from Swiss Villa!

Recommended by Functional Medicine

Salmon nutrition feeds us with omega 3 which is so good for our hearts and our circulatory system. Eat salmon for weight loss. Functional medicine encourages healthful diets rich in omega 3 such as found in wild caught salmon.

Chris Kresser shares details on the health benefits for our hearts. Dr. Axe believes it presents whole body wellness. The Health Line website tells of 11 benefits including a good source of protein and potassium.

Salmon with Sustainability

And so with such evidence of wild caught salmon benefits, let’s move on to sustainability. I have previously written about the way greed leads men to suppress their fellow mankind in order to gain money and power. And unfortunately this problem has been prevalent in the seafood industry too. We hear stories of children, held as slaves, providing food at cheap prices for customers unwilling to pay for true sustainability. Such a shame and abuse.

Wild For Salmon, sustainably harvested in Alaska, works in a sustainable manner. And as a small family operation, they provide seafood you can trust. Steve Kurian and wife Jenn not only run the small store and plant in Bloomsburg Pa but also involves themselves in the fishing. Wild For Salmon presents small business, true sustainability with healthful wild caught salmon!

Make it your choice today. Then together we can help our fellow men to provide an honest, respectable livelihood for their families.

Find a Salmon Recipe

I grilled salmon for supper last evening. So simple to just grill it without any adieu of herbs or seasoning. Tastes so good! Or you might want to splash a bit of red wine vinegar on it while it is grilling. Or dribble a little olive oil along with some of your favorite seasonings.

And then there are many other ways to fix this food (or natural medicine according to functional medicine)! Let us look at a list of them now:

Scramble Eggs with Salmon  Please use Pasture Raised Eggs if you can get them!

Salmon with Poached Eggs  Consider Alderfer’s Organic Eggs if you have access to them.

Smoked Salmon & Egg Sandwich   Another suggestion for eggs — Look for Swiss Villa’s Pasture Raised Soy Free Eggs.

Salmon for Breakfast  Use 100% Grass Fed Butter for best source of CLA.

Spinach, Egg and Salmon Enjoy with a topping of Swiss Villa Raw Kimchi!

Dill Salmon Scramble    Consider the Pequea Valley Plain Yogurt for this recipe.

Salmon Asparagus and Poached Egg  Have you ever considered the extra bonus value of Jumbo Eggs? A better buy when available.

Salmon with Avocado Salsa  See instructions for easy peeling hard cooked eggs.

Salmon with Goat Cheese  Look over the selections of goat cheese from Swiss Villa.

Goat Cheese Stuffed Salmon  Look at the Garlic & Herb goat cheese along with the Lancaster Local Plain yogurt

Garlic Butter Salmon  Make your own organic Ghee from 100% Grass Fed Organic Butter

Salmon with Sauerkraut  Swiss Villa offers raw fermented sauerkraut.

Smoked Salmon Duck Eggs and Sautéed Greens  Duck eggs Provide alkaline nutrients for our bodies.

And if you still are looking for more salmon recipes, here are 100 ways to cook with salmon.